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Glass half full not empty!

So, we, USA, has a new President that already within his 1st month of office has created more waves across the country (and indeed over the world) than Hurricane Matthew.

Opinion is very much divided here and with a couple of quite controversial executive orders in the first few days the locals have very mixed emotions. Whether you agree or disagree, the important thing to remember is that America is still focused on growing and increasing it's GDP. Certainly one way do this is through savvy businesses that take the leap of faith and expand into the US. America wants to keep as many jobs in the US as possible and create opportunities for their citizens to work; practically the same objective that the UK has.

So why not start small, test the water, trial your product or service and see whether it is transferable, see whether your business can tap into the wealth of experience and skilled workers already here and create a team that can deliver your dream.

As a UK Business person who has come to USA to 'do business', the road to success can be a very challenging one at times but after 2 years I wouldn't change a thing!

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