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Want an E2 Treaty Investor Visa?

Let's face it unless you have family born & living over in the USA, you have a company that is willing to sponsor you for a job, or you have at least £650k to invest in the EB5 program then the options available to you can be quite limited.

Most from the UK find themselves looking at the E2 Treaty Investor option as a way to come over to the USA and start a new life; whether as a couple or the majority with their family. However this route can be tough and complicated, despite what you might be told otherwise.

The biggest positive of this visa type is that it is your door to a new life with a far better work/life balance. If done right, planned well and with a good support team around you then the transition is smooth. The way of living is far more relaxed and whilst wages in are lower in terms of UK jobs, the cost of living is pretty much bang on with the average wage. The sun shines (in Florida!), and yes it gets hot and yes it gets humid and yes there are bugs and yes there are summer storms BUT personally it's worth it. I'd rather be poor in the USA than in the UK!

The biggest negative of this visa type is that it doesn't allow you a route to green card status, and this is particularly important for families with children. The rules of the visa, apart from the fact that you are here on a temporary basis and must be willing to leave if asked?!!, is that when your children reach the age of 21 they can no longer stay in the USA under this visa as a dependent. They may be able to stay through further education and applying for a student visa, or they may have a USA business that is willing to offer them a sponsored job (pretty rare), but typically more often than not they find themselves having to go 'home' to the UK. SO forward planning is important.

Sorted USA has been in the position you are in now. We can help you through the process and support you with your decision and move to the USA. We can guide you through the pitfalls and through both personal and business experience ensure that it is as smooth as it can be for you and your family.

'Living the dream' doesn't have to be difficult.

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