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Need back office support that doesn't involve employing more staff?

The UK Pension rules are almost in place with the smaller and micro businesses finding themselves now in a situation where the cost to operate their business has rocketed. Staff costs are the biggest overhead of any business so when you have to factor in the cost to introduce and provide a pension for them, those £s just seem to fly out the window.

Sorted USA can help - with rates starting from as low as $10 per hour, we can take on those tasks that bog down your staff leaving them more time to focus on what yu need them to to develop the business. We are not here to replace anyone more so to act as your back office; tackling tasks and jobs that then free up your team.

The fact that we are based primarily in Florida, USA is irrelevant in these days of technology; phones still work and remote working is far easier. So whether you are based in the UK or USA, we can help your business move forward and keep those overhead costs down.

The average employee costs approx £19 per hour once NI, PAYE, % overheads and pensions are all added in and rounded out. A professional from Sorted starts from only $10 per hour, so already you'll get around 3hrs for the cost of 1 UK member of staff. Of course the rate will vary on the skill set and experience you need but in the main, it represents a great saving for your business and its operating costs.

Call us today to have a chat about how we can help you with those back office tasks and see the cost savings mount up!

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