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Developing your business for 'now' and going forward takes time and energy, and at Sorted USA we have bags of enthusiasm and experience to help you with that journey.

Coaching & Mentoring



Nobody is perfect and as business owners we all need a little support and guidence as we travel up the road to success (note up not down!).  It can be very lonely owning your own business and whilst you may have a great team and fantastic family support it is still difficult sometimes to share and work through those areas that trouble you.


At Sorted, we have years of experience running, operating and managing businesses and therefore are well placed to help you through your journey.  We can offer individual and custom coaching and mentoring services for you and your business; help you work out what you need to focus on and help you acheive those goals.



Networking & Client Relations



As active member of the local business community we are well versed in business relationships and realizing every networking opportunity that arises.


We can represent you and your business in local chamber events, attend network events on your behalf promoting your services and encourage client relationships.


If you need, we will even look to 'court' your clients, we'll meet them on your behalf, we'll start to build that relationship with them and act as your team on the ground.

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