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Every new or established business needs the support of its back office staff and this is where Sorted! USA can help your business.


No need to pay out for a permanent team member.  No need to set up a new office location and all the expense that comes with it, especially if you are just starting out or testing the market.  Let us 'be' that team member for you and take that the hassle away.

Personal Assistant


We all have busy lives; both business related and personal and sometimes you just need someone to have your back and help organize and manage those schedules for you.


If you have a need for correspondence to be written, clients to be contacted or met, research or surveys generated, schedules to be organized at Sorted we can provide those administration tasks for you. 


Whether you need them by the hour or by task/project, we'll work with you and complete as little or as much as you need us to; help you stay on track!

Back Office


The 'heart' of every business is managing and dealing with all those back office tasks, whether its keeping your website and social media updated and adding new content, working on client and employee documents, creating internal process documents and ensuring they remain current, creating flyers and marketing information. The list of tasks for a micro/small business owner needed every day/week can go on and on.

Sorted USA  can become part of your team and help manage and complete those tasks for you, freeing you up to do what you do best!

Data Entry


Whether it's updating a client mailing list, arranging and collating a client survey, generating a product list and pricing; we have the tools to get that done and keep on top of it for you.

It's sometimes tedious work so by engaging Sorted USA it frees you and your employees to focus on delivering your services.

Website & Social Media


You may have a website already that just needs to be checked regularly; new content added, blogs posted and services kept current.  You might need an over haul of what you have and need some help getting that going.  Whichever way, we can help do this.

Facebook & Instagram are becoming more of a 'must have' presence for any small business and keeping the posts flowing and marketing your brand is a constant exercise.  With setting up advanced scheduling of posts, highlighting your products and services and helping you reach more prospective clients is experience that we have within our team.

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