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The Brits still want to come

Had the pleasure of talking with a chap this week on his dreams for his young family of starting a new life over here in Florida. He is going through the steps of the E2 Visa process, and taken the brave decision to start his own business rather than the traditional method of purchasing an existing one.

He has a sound business plan and certainly has the drive to move and grow the start up business forward, however we all know that what is on paper doesn't always work out the way we want.

I was in a great position to offer ideas and suggestions on how he could add services to his business without huge investment, He was like a sponge, question after question on not only the business side of things but how the move would impact his family.

From personal experience and local knowledge I was able to help him find marketing and potential client information, local pricing ideas for his planned services, give him an idea of what tasks could be completed in the UK prior to coming over which would all help in the first few days of arriving and starting to operate.

A most excellent 50 minutes of my time chatting; getting to know him, and his aspirations to achieve a successful business and lifestyle for his family. I wish him well.

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