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The Pound may have dropped but there is still business to do in the USA

Yes, the pound has been continuing to drop and yes it looks like it's not going to go back up for a while yet, but there is still lots of opportunities for UK based businesses to do business in the USA.

For many it is simply a question of taking that first step and believing in what they have, can do and offer to the USA market. No-one is suggesting for one minute that you jump in with both feet without first dipping your toe in the water, and that is where Sorted USA comes in.

Whether you need local research completed, whether you want to plan a trip to test out the area, market, product offering or whether you simply need someone local to be your right hand person and 'hold your hand' whilst you navigate through your business plan and dream to expand in the US.

Remember that resource is cheaper than in the UK; and you won't get any less in terms of quality and skill set. Its just a different economic climate - ripe for development for those keen to explore opportunities.

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