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Connections away!

Just landed back in Florida from an amazing trip in the UK and am so chuffed with the welcome received.

Lots of old faces, and loads of new ones; the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce events have been perfect to catch up with business friends and colleagues, and make new connections.

It was clear from my trip that there is a need for a 'go to professional' based in Florida, someone who can organise and manage the startings of a USA dream and provide administration/office support to UK companies.

With the auto pension scheme finally rolling into place for most businesses this year, costs to employ staff in the UK is continuing to increase to the point where the small business owner is seriously debating whether they can and want to grow their business further; purely on the basis of growing overhead costs.

So, with Sorted able to offer administration, back office and management services to both UK and USA businesses starting from as little as $12 per hour, Sorted can fill that reasource gap so the small business can afford to grow.


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